Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weddings at the Inn

Do you dream of violins playing as you descend a grand staircase in heirloom lace to a roomful of adoring friends & relatives? If so, Colonial Pines is not the place for your wedding!!! However, a surprising number of couples have chosen to have small, impromptu ceremonies here and put the big bucks needed for the aforementioned event toward graduate school, paying down their mortgage, or beefing up their 401K. Not a bad idea in this economy! One such couple is Laurie & Ernie Prodromides of Greenville, SC whose plans for marrying near a waterfall were foiled by a rainy, foggy mountain day. Instead, a crackling fire provided a perfect setting for the vows and the fog made for some nice photos afterward on the porch.

So call the magistrate, bring along a CD of your special song, and make a reservation here (there are no other charges). Ask a couple of friends to join you, or we can be your witnesses while we snap a few pictures. If there are other guests around, they will be caught up in the moment, too. I guarantee you that Laurie was as happy as any bride in a long white gown!

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  1. Hi. This is Laurie Prodromides. I just wanted to let you all know what an amazing place Colonial Pines Inn is and what wonderful people Donna and Chris are. They made our wedding day and week-end very special and memorable. In the end, we are glad our waterfall wedding got rained out because Donna and Chris made our wedding in front of their fireplace with them as our witnesses much more special than it would've been otherwise. If you are looking for a place to stay where you'll be left totally alone, not looked after and cared for then this definitely isn't the place for you. When you first walk in you feel the warmth and welcoming of the place. Donna and Chris will do everything they can to make sure you are comfortable while you are with them, help you in any way they can, and feed you the most amazing breakfasts!!! Donna and Chris are very special people. We arrived as strangers, but feel we left as friends. We can't wait to get back!