Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Snowy Start to 2018!

Side View
At times this winter, Miss Rebecca's Cottage looked like this.

View from Driveway
 At other times, it looked like this.

Well, you know how weather predictions are, and we can't guarantee which scenario you'll end up with, but we can guarantee a great deal on accommodations at Miss Rebecca's Cottage through April
 with these off-season discounted prices:

January & February $800
March & April $900

2 adults $175 per night
4 adults $225 per night
6 adults $300 per night

If some in your group are children, or you're planning to stay more than two nights, call or email for an even more discounted quote. Check out Miss Rebecca's Cottage at www.vrbo.com/37271 for photos and details - but call us direct to avoid their fees and get a lower price.

Right in town at 31 Gibson Street on a beautiful, private 2/3 acre.  Right across the street you'll find the Highlands Nature Center and immediately adjacent is the popular Sunset Rock Hike.  You'll love the 1/3 mile walk to the center of town through the "rabbit hole" sidewalk.

Rabbit Hole Sidewalk to Center of Town

LOTS!! In-town ice skating, indoor heated pool, live theater and other events at the Performing Arts Center, first run movies at Highlands Playhouse, bluegrass & country rock at Ugly Dog Pub, and much more!!  Check out the winter & spring offerings at highlandschamber.org and thelaurelmagazine.com, each of which keeps a calendar of events. Or just live like a local and enjoy the serenity of off-season Highlands without the crowds!

Here at Colonial Pines Inn, we're hibernating or vacationing until Spring and if we're out of town, our amazing housesitters are available to answer calls. We're taking reservations now for the busy Summer & Fall Seasons and for special events such as the Highlands Food and Wine Festival in mid-November (check it out at HighlandsFoodandWine.com). 

Colonial Pines is one of the few establishments in Highlands that includes a fantastic homemade and beautifully served breakfast. With reasonable prices, we are popular (if we do say so ourselves) and  we'd love to have you try us for the first time  - or have you back if you been with us before!!

If you don't care about breakfast and want  more space than just a room, check out The Guest House Apartment, and if you're on a budget, try The Bargain Basement. Both are in the little guest house adjacent to the Inn.

We look forward to seeing you in Highlands in 2018!!

Donna & Chris Alley, Innkeepers Since 1984
541 Hickory Street
Highlands, NC 28741
(828) 526-2060   

Friday, November 10, 2017

A Recipe That CAN'T BE BEET!

The Greenes from Newnan GA enjoy breakfast at the Inn

The Laurel Magazine recently featured our recipe for



The Laurel Magazine is a beautiful monthly publication and your best source for all things Highlands. Each cover features a gorgeous original painting by a local artist and we are proud to display copies on our coffee table for guests to enjoy and take home. The Laurel is your go-to source for information on events, the arts, dining, venturing out, history, health, real estate and much more. In addition, the ads are well-designed and informative.
 Before your trip to Highlands, always check out the current issue online at

The Inn will be open Dec 27/28/29/20/31
 and then we will take a break until Spring.
Hope to see you soon in the mountains!!

with fireplace sleeps two to six and
is OPEN ALL YEAR with winter discounts.
Call or email for availability!!

Colonial Pines Inn Bed and Breakfast 
Donna & Chris Alley, Innkeepers Since 1984
541 Hickory Street
Highlands, NC 28741
(828) 526-2060 10am-10pm
email:  sleeptight@colonialpinesinn.com

Friday, August 25, 2017

Eclipsed Eclipse

We decorated eclipse cookies as the day began with a bright and beautiful blue sky. BUT around 1pm, grey clouds formed and took over the entire sky. HEY this is Highlands - a temperate rain forest - so no surprise there!!  Undaunted Ian, our guest from Virginia who had been tediously checking the cloud cover for the past two days, decided that the best thing to do was drive down the mountain to Franklin. Guests and family members followed him like the Pied Piper, and that was a good decision - they were able to enjoy the full awesome show!!
In Highlands, we didn't fare as well. My sister & I sat through the crickets and the eery 2.5 minutes of darkness here at the Inn, and then suddenly, we heard cheers coming from the crowd that had gathered a few blocks away in the park. The clouds cleared in just the right spot and we whipped out our glasses to view the tiniest crescent of the sun peeking out from behind the dark moon.  It was awe-inspiringly beautiful and for the next hour, we had a clear view of the show.

 So, the predicted massive numbers of eclipse-chasing day trippers didn't arrive. Highlands didn't need all the rented porta-potties, didn't run out of gas or groceries, and didn't have to block roads or rescue hikers or deal with massive traffic jams or accidents. But there was music all day in the park, the hotels were full, most vacation homes were occupied, and a good time was had by all!!
Join Us to experience Highlands Magic every day of the year at
Highlands NC 28741
Donna & Chris Alley, Innkeepers Since 1984
(828) 526-2020 10am-10pm

Sunday, March 5, 2017

See the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse in Highlands!

The following paragraphs are from
Michael Zeiler, www.GreatAmericanEclipse.com
where you can find a massive amount of relative
information and some amazing maps!

You cannot completely prepare yourself for the sight of a total solar eclipse. When totality arrives, you will experience primal emotions and wonderment at the unspeakable beauty of the corona and the panoply of colors and light as you've never seen before. You will involuntarily scream, gasp, or perhaps cry at this astounding vision.
You will be looking straight down a billiard shot of the Earth, Moon, and Sun lined up perfectly. By celestial coincidence, the Sun and Moon's apparent disks in the sky are nearly the same. This serendipitous fact allows the Sun to be completely covered during eclipse yet also allows us to see the Sun's atmosphere, its corona. The corona is hidden from us all our lives except for the very special moments during the total solar eclipse.
When you look at the eclipse, you will perceive the blackest black imaginable surrounded by the Sun's ever-changing atmosphere, the corona. The quality of light is stupendous with an amazing light show of iridescence, scintillation, and delicate colors.

See the path through the US here:

See the path of totality for Highlands here:

The first phase begins at 1:07 pm on Mon Aug 21
with the TOTAL phase at 2:35pm lasting for 2min 32sec.
It will be completely over by 4:01pm.

Visit us in Highlands for the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Colonial Pines Inn Bed and Breakfast
541 Hickory Street
Highlands NC 28741
(828) 526-2060
Call or email NOW for availability!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Winter/Spring Discount at Miss Rebecca's Cottage

Happy New Year from
 Colonial Pines Inn!
And a huge
 to everyone who helped make 2016 (our 33rd year as Innkeepers) a success!
That is a lot of years and YES, we intend to keep on going.
It is truly our pleasure to offer quality B&B accommodations and great food 
to folks who are looking for reasonable prices 
and a beautiful in-town location.

Colonial Pines Inn will reopen for weekends in March.
Miss Rebecca's Cottage is ALWAYS open
with a 25% discount Jan - March
Miss Rebecca's Cottage is located 1/3 mile from the center of town on a beautiful & secluded 2/3 acre property across from the Highlands Nature Center and next to the Sunset Rocks Hiking Trail. Stone fireplace, full kitchen, WiFi, cable TV, warm & cozy heat make it a great year-round rental.
For photos and further details go to:
To avoid booking fees and to get the discount, call or email:

For your best choice of rooms for Summer/Fall 2017, call NOW!!
Highlands offers an amazing array of music, art, theater, 
and other cultural events which means certain dates book up in advance. 
Due to the price of Highlands real estate, the number of B&B's in Highlands
 has declined and more expensive options are taking over. 
So if you are interested in a classic Bed and Breakfast 
with great reviews, we want you to be our guests!!

Have a wonderful 2017!

541 Hickory Street 
Highlands North Carolina 28741
(828) 526-2060 10am - 10pm
Donna & Chris Alley, Innkeepers Since 1984
Check out our recipes at www.colonialpinesinn.wordpress.com    





Tuesday, August 16, 2016

HIghlands Food & Wine Festival News Flash!!


Tickets for the revamped tenth annual culinary weekend are on sale now!
Colonial Pines Inn has rooms Nov 10 - 13 for the Festival - CALL NOW!
For Thanksgiving Week Availability, please scroll down..
HIGHLANDS, N.C. (August 16, 2016) – Renowned folk artists, bluegrass legends and gospel icons are all part of this year’s Highlands Food and Wine Festival musical additions. The festival, taking place from Thursday, November 10, to Sunday, November 13, will feature a variety of performances throughout the weekend.
With the city surrounded by the breathtaking Nantahala National Forest, visitors of Highlands Food and Wine Festival will be able to enjoy tunes while experiencing the premier culinary destination of the Southeast this fall. New signature events, along special wine dinners offered by Highlands’ award- winning restaurants, will create a great weekend experience. Tickets for the Festival are on sale now
Headlining musical talent will include Bruce Hornsby at the recently announced exclusive dining event, “Rockwood Rocks!,” held at the private estate, Rockwood Lodge, where Hornsby will perform a medley of his well-known classical and jazz hits. Rockwood Rocks will be an intimate dining experience curated by renowned chefs from across the Southeast in addition to local talent Chris Huerta, executive chef of Madison’s at the Old Edwards Inn & Spa.  A portion of this event’s proceeds will benefit The Food Pantry of Highlands, which provides food and personal items to local families in need. 
Also new to this year’s festival is a Sunday Gospel Brunch at which five-time Grammy award-winning gospel group Blind Boys of Alabama will perform. A team of praised regional and local chefs will prepare comforting brunch-inspired tastes while guests enjoy the live gospel performance and morning cocktails.

Rhiannon Giddens of Grammy-award winning group Carolina Chocolate Drops is set to perform at this year’s Main Event on Saturday, November 13. The Main Event, held in a picturesque location right off of Main St, will include an oyster roast, local beer and tastings from local and regional chefs.
   In addition, Brooklyn-based American musical group The Lone Bellow will perform at the Friday Truckin’ event, featuring a selection of the Southeast’s most beloved food trucks including Canyon Kitchen, Root Down and Farm to Fender.
  “We are thrilled to launch the new programming for this year’s festival, and look forward to what its offering brings to our community,” said Highlands Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Bob Kieltyka. “These musical acts are the first of many new and exciting additions to this year’s culinary weekend, that has been, and continues to be, anchored by the incredible local restaurants and chefs we are lucky to call our own.” 
The complete festival schedule and chef line-up will be announced at a later date. Stay tuned for upcoming updates through the festival website at www.highlandsfoodandwine.com and on social media at @highlandsfoodandwine.  

Future Press Releases will include Wine Dinners, Celebrity Chefs, Sip and Stroll, and other events throughout the weekend.

ABOUT HIGHLANDS FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL: With a sophisticated taste in food and roots in the mountains of North Carolina, the Highlands Food & Wine Festival appreciates the artistry behind food and wine. 2016 marks the 10th anniversary of the event, previously named Highlands Culinary Weekend. Guest celebrity chefs will combine talents with the local chefs in Highlands to bring a not-to-miss culinary event to the town of Highlands, N.C., on November 10 through November 13.
Call NOW for your accommodations reservations 
and start your days with a fabulous breakfast!!
541 Hickory Street
Highlands NC 28741
(818) 526-2060
NOV 21 -26
Call ASAP! Availability changes quickly!


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Invasion of The Fabulous Fifteen!!

 For the past 10 years, around 3pm every Friday before Memorial Day, cars & vans roar into our driveway and out pour 15 ladies bearing picnic food, party snacks, extra lawn chairs, and wine!! Laughter and lively conversation soon flood our porch and can be heard all over the neighborhood.  They are free at last!!  This is THEIR time - away from jobs, husbands, children, and life's daily routines.  "How do their families allow this on a holiday weekend?" I ask. "Easy," they say, "We just wave goodbye and leave!!"

This is a tight-knit core group that has known each other for more than 20 years, brought together by church & their families. They are the village that raised their children, some of whom are now grown and gone. There are a few alternates that come and go over the years, and a personal recommendation is necessary for a newcomer, along with a certain amount of irreverence and sense of fun. A few group activities are planned such as cocktails on the porch, but mostly each gal does however much or little she pleases over the course of the weekend.  There are a host of activities to choose from in Highlands, but sometimes an afternoon nap or just relaxing on the porch with a magazine or a best friend is just the thing.

Double occupancy in three king beds and three queen beds, along with three additional single beds allows a maximum of 15 guests here at Colonial Pines. This group started it all, and we've become particularly popular with ladies groups. Some like to spread out a bit more with single occupancy and that can add to the cost, but even so, we are Highlands' most reasonably-priced accommodation, especially when you factor in the quality of our breakfast, amenities, and secluded in-town location.

So here it is - Thursday - the day before the "INVASION," and all is quiet.  Are we ready?  YES, WE'RE READY!! Ready to host another three days of laughter and prayer, ready for conversations both deep and frivolous, and ready to witness bonding like only women can do.  We hope they leave refreshed, relaxed, and ready to face all that life throws at them in the coming year (our thoughts will be with you, Cindy) and we look forward to another "Invasion" in 2017. 

It has been a total pleasure being their innkeepers for the past decade!!
Flowers from the Fabulous Fifteen!!

We'd love to talk to you about YOUR group.
Have a wonderful Summer and call NOW if you are thinking of a trip to Highlands.

Donna & Chris Alley, Innkeepers Since 1984
541 Hickory Street
Highlands NC 28741


Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Bascom: Art and Magic under a Carolina Blue Sky

Mid-Week Special!!
Arrive on MONDAY and your
at Colonial Pines Inn B&B
May, June, September excluding holidays
(828) 526-2060 
Did you know that Highlands is one of the top twelve Small Town Art Communities in the country?!!! DO NOT visit Highlands without checking out The Bascom, our thriving arts center, located on the Franklin Road (Hwy 64W) about 1/4 mile from the intersection of Main Street (Hwy 64) and the Dillard Road (Hwy 106). Two galleries feature rotating exhibits and innovative major outdoor sculpture installations offer something that is always new and thought-provoking.  The Bascom is open every day and admission is free!

 Events at The Bascom are popular, especially weddings.  Our daughter was married there last year and this delightful Hobbit House happened to be among the outdoor sculptures - wonderful fun for the children attending and a great photo opportunity for the bride and groom!
The restored Will Henry Stevens covered bridge on Hwy 64 forms an inviting entrance to the six acre complex. Explore the authentic corn crib, the horse barn converted into a pottery studio, and a large campus-style three-story barnwood building which houses galleries, studios, and classrooms.
Two indoor galleries have rotating exhibits that change about every three months.  No matter how often you visit Highlands, you'll always want to check out what's new and different at The Bascom.
The main building itself is a work of art with gorgeous timber frame construction and heart pine interiors with ladders and lofts. And did I mention there is a FABULOUS gift shop featuring reasonably-priced beautiful handmade items?!!!
 A charming sculpture and nature trail follows a mountain creek that borders the acreage and offers a lovely walk through the woods with a few surprises.
 Magic and creativity abound at The Bascom where you can enjoy year-round thought-provoking exhibits that will delight and amuse.  This is not your Grandmother's art gallery!!
 Youth programs are vital to supplement the curriculum at local schools and many of them are offered free.  After-school classes, Summer Workshops, Home School Classes, Pumpkin Painting events, and Holiday Crafts including a Gingerbread House Workshop are all extremely popular with families.
The adult programs offer an amazing array of classes in Ceramics, Woodturning, Photography and other media.  Art by Appointment is great for planning a private session for your group. Classes are taught by artists-in-residence and visiting professionals.
You can be part of the fun at the twice-a-year barn dances where, for a small cover charge, you can learn square dancing and clogging taught by locals.  Other fabulous events include Collective Spirits, The Bascom in Bloom, Three Artists Symposium, and more.
The Bascom will make YOU feel like dancin' - don't miss it!!! 
Check it out at www.thebascom.org

If you're attending a Bascom class, ask about our exclusive mid-week accommodations discounts for participants.  
We LOVE The Bascom!!!

Colonial Pines Inn Bed and Breakfast
541 Hickory Street
Highlands, NC 28741
(828) 526-2060
Donna & Chris Alley, Innkeepers Since 1984

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Another End, Another Beginning...

Winter Schedule:
The Inn is open Dec 28 through Jan 24, and will be closed Jan 25 - Feb 17.
Miss Rebecca's Cottage is ALWAYS open with 25% off Jan - Mar.


This is the only time of year when we have the opportunity to ask ourselves this question!  The busy part of the season is over, the phone isn't ringing (as much), and we aren't working seven days a week buying groceries, baking, and trying to keep things shipshape for a parade of guests. January & February will bring  guests on weekends, a little snow, some end of year accounting (how could our expenses add up like that?), confirming advance reservations, tying up loose ends and getting ready for a yearly vacation. Spring means prioritizing projects and maintenance, updating our internet presence, and deciding how to confront yet another season in Highlands. As you can imagine, there aren't many breaks in the action when you run a "Mom-and-Pop" business like this one.

But December is quiet.  Leaf Season, Thanksgiving, Culinary Festival, and the Christmas Parade are over and there is a little lull in Highlands.  Most people are home going to holiday events, finishing school projects, and preparing for family gatherings. So we take a break and try to rest and reflect a little.

The answer to the question lies in the photo above.  This magnificent view of Whiteside Mountain is right in our neighborhood on Big Bear Pen Road - a two minute drive from the Inn. There is also a newly reclaimed hiking trail, the Kelsey Trail, which takes you from the Inn through the woods to this same location in about 30 minutes. But remarkably, we lived here 30 years before we discovered  how close and accessible this iconic scene was.

 There is ALWAYS something new & different to discover about Highlands!! It is an ever-changing canvas that is being painted over time with remarkable embellishments.  It has evolved from a cute but sleepy little mountain village into a dynamic town with a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly Main Street, year-round events in visual and performing arts, and new venues from which to enjoy the outdoors -  a new in-town park with ice skating, a year-round indoor public swimming pool, and a system of walking trails that connect town streets with nature areas. Forget the country clubs - the new sought-after place to live is IN TOWN!!

So, the answer is - it's INTERESTING!!  Our town is interesting, our guests are interesting, and it's interesting to see how we can continue to operate when the trend is toward pricey luxury hotels. We love being able to offer a reasonable alternative while providing our guests a quality experience in food and accommodations.  Doing this is a creative challenge and is one of things we love most about running a B&B.  Fifteen other B&Bs have opened and closed in our 3 decades here, and I suppose our time for that will come, too.  Maybe sooner, maybe later - but at least right now, we know that every single day, we will have something interesting to do!!

We hope to be your hosts in 2016 for our 33rd Season,
 so call now for the best choice of rooms.

Donna & Chris Alley, Innkeepers Since 1964
541 Hickory Street, Highlands NC
(828) 526-2060

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

To B or not to B?

Even at a B&B, there are options for NOT having breakfast!

Maybe you are just not a happy morning person like the ladies above; or maybe you are a super-early riser; or you have a golf, ziplining, or rafting date; or you have to attend a brunch, meeting or other event; or maybe you're on a special diet or perhaps you just don't care for breakfast. Either way, that doesn't mean you shouldn't stay at Colonial Pines Inn!

Here's the thing: any room in the main building that is normally a B&B room can come without breakfast for a discount! Just let us know at the time you make your reservation and we won't prepare anything for you (you can still have coffee or tea), and we will adjust the price of your room. We shop, bake, and prep way ahead, so you can't change your mind at the last minute and still get the discount, but with plenty of advance notice, we are happy to accommodate.

The Bargain Basement (Sunflower Room as some call it) does not include breakfast and is a good choice if you are on a budget. The Guest House Apartment or Miss Rebecca's Cottage do not include breakfast either and are appropriate if you need a kitchen or plan to stay more than a few days.

To see some examples of what we might serve for breakfast on a given day, go to our recipe blog:
If you are on a special diet but still want breakfast, please give us advance notice and, if at all possible, we can prepare something that will fit your program.
Bon Apetit - or Not!!
541 Hickory Street
Highlands NC 28741
(828) 526-2060
Donna & Chris Alley
Innkeepers Since 1984

Friday, March 27, 2015

Fine Feathered Friends


Ready for something new in Highlands? Curtis Wright Outfitters offers an unforgettable experience as a hawk or falcon follows you from tree to tree, circles in the sky and then returns to your glove! This is an up close and personal "hands on" meeting with a bird of prey where you will accompany a licensed falconer such as Peter Kipp (above) and learn about the time honored sport of falconry.

Beautiful tail feathers of the Red-Tail Hawk.  Look closely underneath to see the soft and fluffy white down feathers.

 Me holding the calm and gentle hawk - who is wearing a hood.  If you are ready for this adventure or want more information contact Peter at (828) 553-5036, or go to www.curtiswrightoutfitters.com/falconry

June 6 & 7 Weekend Special:
Stay at The Guest House Apartment
or Miss Rebecca's Cottage
and enjoy your second night at

Arrive MON and your THIRD NIGHT is

Special June 2015 weekly rate $950!

We hope to see you soon in the mountains!

Donna Alley, Innkeeper
541 Hickory Street
Highlands, NC 28741
(828) 526-2060