Friday, March 27, 2009

Oil Painting of Colonial Pines by Linda DeCamp

In 1999, Linda & Russel DeCamp from Rockville, MD visited the Inn and Linda set up an easel under the big oak tree and started painting. For two days she painted and finally, the day she was leaving, she said "Would you like to see my painting?" We said "yes," afraid that we'd have to say we liked it whether we did or not. We needn't have worried. It was delightful - as you can see!
The next problem was that she didn't want to sell it. "I paint so I can remember special places I've visited," she said. "Okay," we said, "just do a copy and send us the copy." "It never turns out the same," she replied. "I have to be at the site when I'm painting." Sadly, we said we understood and we were honored that she chose to paint the Inn for her collection.
To our surprise, when she came downstairs to check out, she had changed her mind, and we traded the painting for her entire stay (what a deal for us!). We were thrilled to have such a beautiful rendition of the Inn and, if we ever sell and move away, we will take the painting with us to remember our years as Innkeepers. Linda's painting has become our logo and is available on notecards and as a frameable print. The original sits in the lobby on the piano.
Linda still corresponds with us and is a juried artist with shows in galleries throughout her region. Thank you, Linda!

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