Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stay without A/C?? No Way!!

Do you dream of beating the heat by coming to the mountains to stay in a hotel room with the A/C blasting? Probably not, and it's certainly not necessary here in Highlands. This photo was taken at high noon today on our porch, and nights are always in the 60s (and sometimes 50s) in July. In fact, the average July low is 57 degrees, according to the statistics. What keeps it so cool here? Well, the elevation is one thing - 4000' makes a big difference - and the rainfall is another. Highlands is in a temperate rainforest with 80-100 inches of rain a year. Moist air hits the cool mountains bringing cooling showers almost every afternoon.

That rainfall accounts for the lush flora seen all over the area. This is a true plant-lovers paradise and especially enjoyable when you stay off Main Street at a place like Colonial Pines, surrounded by two beautiful acres of shade trees and July's blooming day lilies. A recent visitor to Highlands wrote about her surprise at having no A/C: "Fans were all we needed to stay cool. In fact, we turned them off at night!" Clean mountain air, open windows and evening breezes are one reason to visit the mountains and one reason to stay at Colonial Pines Inn. Join us this Summer to see for yourself. Arrive Monday or Tuesday for Second-Night-Half-Price. (828) 526-2060

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