Thursday, June 10, 2010

Synchronous Fireflies

What a treat around 10pm this week! Just happened to look out on a dark little corner of the property in back of the Inn to see fireflies all lighting up at once. There were several really bright flashes, then a short period of complete darkness, then more flashing. Chris & and I walked out in the middle of them and enjoyed the enchanting show.

Synchronous Fireflies, Photinus carolinus, were identified in the 1990s in the Smokies where they draw crowds in June, but I didn't know they were in Highlands, too. Colonial Pines is just far enough away from the lights of Main Street that a dark patch of English Ivy on the back of the building provided a perfect backdrop for their mating ritual - and pure magic for us!

Mention the FIREFLIES when making reservations, and your second night will be at half price on any stay through June 22 (new reservations only). Maybe you'll see them, too!
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