Thursday, May 26, 2016

Invasion of The Fabulous Fifteen!!

 For the past 10 years, around 3pm every Friday before Memorial Day, cars & vans roar into our driveway and out pour 15 ladies bearing picnic food, party snacks, extra lawn chairs, and wine!! Laughter and lively conversation soon flood our porch and can be heard all over the neighborhood.  They are free at last!!  This is THEIR time - away from jobs, husbands, children, and life's daily routines.  "How do their families allow this on a holiday weekend?" I ask. "Easy," they say, "We just wave goodbye and leave!!"

This is a tight-knit core group that has known each other for more than 20 years, brought together by church & their families. They are the village that raised their children, some of whom are now grown and gone. There are a few alternates that come and go over the years, and a personal recommendation is necessary for a newcomer, along with a certain amount of irreverence and sense of fun. A few group activities are planned such as cocktails on the porch, but mostly each gal does however much or little she pleases over the course of the weekend.  There are a host of activities to choose from in Highlands, but sometimes an afternoon nap or just relaxing on the porch with a magazine or a best friend is just the thing.

Double occupancy in three king beds and three queen beds, along with three additional single beds allows a maximum of 15 guests here at Colonial Pines. This group started it all, and we've become particularly popular with ladies groups. Some like to spread out a bit more with single occupancy and that can add to the cost, but even so, we are Highlands' most reasonably-priced accommodation, especially when you factor in the quality of our breakfast, amenities, and secluded in-town location.

So here it is - Thursday - the day before the "INVASION," and all is quiet.  Are we ready?  YES, WE'RE READY!! Ready to host another three days of laughter and prayer, ready for conversations both deep and frivolous, and ready to witness bonding like only women can do.  We hope they leave refreshed, relaxed, and ready to face all that life throws at them in the coming year (our thoughts will be with you, Cindy) and we look forward to another "Invasion" in 2017. 

It has been a total pleasure being their innkeepers for the past decade!!
Flowers from the Fabulous Fifteen!!

We'd love to talk to you about YOUR group.
Have a wonderful Summer and call NOW if you are thinking of a trip to Highlands.

Donna & Chris Alley, Innkeepers Since 1984
541 Hickory Street
Highlands NC 28741


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