Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Half a Century is a Long Time...

Irene Coal Parr from Florida opened Parr's Guest House in the early 1960's, later renaming it Colonial Pines Inn. Three owners and 5 decades later, the Inn is having its 50th Anniversary!!! 

How do you celebrate something like that? Well, read on...

 First, you partner with your friends Rick & Helene of the 4 1/2 Street Inn (who are celebrating their Inn's 100th anniversary), you pick a date (praying for no rain), and you plan a street party & picnic celebrating a total of 150 YEARS OF HOSPITALITY. That's a lot of cracked eggs!

You commission local artist Duncan Greenlee to design a really fun poster, invite everyone in town, and send out email invitations to all your past guests.

 You get permission to block off the street between the two Inns, load up on supplies from Sam's, order a keg of beer, and make TONS of cole slaw, hot dog chili, and brownies.

You get a noise permit and hire your brother's blues band, "Tom Hill and The Midnight Suns." Whatever happens, at least you will have great music!

You borrow a HUGE grill from Bill & Sara Mann and grill 250 hot dogs.

  When you run out, you get more and keep grilling.  You run out again...
...but you are thrilled at the huge turnout!

The weather's even more beautiful than you imagined and everyone's happy. 
It's an event to remember!

The saxophonist does a great job with his brand new instrument..
...and you make sure even the children are glad they came.

The sun goes down but the band plays on.

You dance and a have a great time at your own party. 
What a magical evening!

You are extremely grateful to all your relatives who came from three states to help out: Meghan, Aunt Pam, Aunt Susan, Tommy & Rosie.


Later, when you're cleaning up, you have second thoughts about that...

...instead, you invite EVERYONE to come celebrate 
and be a guest at Colonial Pines Inn in 2012!

Hope to see YOU soon in the mountains!
Chris & Donna Alley
Innkeepers Since 1984
Colonial Pines Inn Bed & Breakfast

We are open for the 2012 season!
Enjoy the quiet side of Highlands with
"Second Night Half Price" through April.
(866) 526-2060 Toll Free

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